Thursday, November 4, 2010

Busy Fall Season

We have had a really busy fall season. Here is a summary of what we've been doing...

Ana Elisa and Bryan have become best friends :)

Our happy little ones!

Ana Elisa started preschool (we are doing a co-op type school where we take turns teaching each week). She is absolutely loving it!

Brittney and Ana Elisa love spending time together...

I took the kids to Chick-fil-A for their birthday party was so much fun!

We celebrated our 7th Anniversary! I love you, Eme!!

We celebrated Ana Elisa's 3rd Birthday! She had so much fun that even now she keeps telling me that she wants to go back to her birthday party :)

I had to spend a week in the hospital so Bryan had to learn to take a bottle. Ana Elisa was so good at helping take care of him!

Bryan is growing and loving all his new toys...

Bryan has started eating cereal, Ana Elisa and Brittney love to help feed him.

Ana Elisa's Halloween Bunny costume...

Mom and Dad came to visit. This picture captured the first time that Dad met Bryan.

We went to Mother Nature's Farm as a school field trip. It was so much fun. Mom got to go with us and she really enjoyed it, too.

Halloween (Sat. Oct 30th) Ana Elisa was a cow butterfly and a bunny butterfly...silly girl!

Community Halloween party...

Church Halloween party. Eme had school, so we missed him there. There were so many fun things to do...

Once it got a little cooler, my little cow butterfly made her transformation into a bunny butterfly and Bryan went from a Brazilian soccer player to a Corinthians fan.