Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our sweet babies were so excited on Valentines day because they got to make chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows to take to their daddy at work.  It was a day full of surprises--Emerson showed up at Ana Elisa's play practice with a purple rose.  All three kids were so happy to see him! And that rose made Ana Elisa's year!

It was the best Valentines day ever--we spent it with the kids--their love makes our world!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Love These Kids!!

Our precious little Katie is 5 months old now!
Ana Elisa and Bryan had a blast at the BYU Basketball game.  It was so fun to have a night out as a family.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Emerson's Graduation

We've been married almost 9 years and we are happy to report that we've fulfilled our 10 year plan/goals--well, actually in September (same month as our 9th Wedding Anniversary) we will have the goals completed by having our third baby, thus achieving our goal of having three children to complete our family.

One of the latest goals to be accomplished was Emerson's completing his Master's Degree.  It's been a very busy two years as he's worked full time and gone to school every other weekend--half day Fridays and 12 hours Saturdays with countless hours of homework and group studies.  We knew when we got married that Emerson's education was very important to us.  Everything just fell into place with him going back to get his Global MBA from Thunderbird, we feel the Lord's had was in it.

His graduation was held at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and we were blessed to have my parents and Lizsett and her family there with us.  We stayed at the resort for a few days and celebrated both Emerson's graduation together as well as Bryan's 2nd Birthday.

Here are some pictures from those few days:

The day after Emerson's Graduation we all drove to San Diego to continue our celebration.  We went to Sea World, the Mormon Battalion Museum, and the Beach.  It was so much fun to spend time with the family and just relax after such a hectic schedule.  We didn't get pictures of the beach on our camera because the battery ran out, I'll need to upload those off my phone, but here are some of the other pictures.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Feeling Better...So No More Excuses!

It's been so long since I updated this blog!  I'm going to go ahead and blame morning sickness for my lack of attention to keeping it updated, but in reality, I've only been sick since mid-January.  So, the months before that we can attribute to sheer laziness :)
I don't know how I can ever catch up with the past 8 or 9 months, so I'm just posting some pictures I had on my phone, up through last month, that show a little of what we have been up to these past several months.  

This first picture is my one of my favorites.  Ana Elisa is so excited that we are having another baby that she loves to act like she's pregnant, too :)  She is so happy to be getting a baby sister and she is set on naming her Pretty Flower!

Halloween (they had a different costume for every party we went to)

 Ana Elisa at Superstition Farm

Our awesome little soccer player!

At a community fair


Gilbert Arizona Temple site.  We like to visit every now and then to see the progress.  It's only 4 miles from our house :)  Ana Elisa is really excited because a stone broke and they were giving out pieces of it to all the children.  So, she now has a piece of the Gilbert Temple (and another rock to add to her collection!)

We spent HOURS at the shop getting our brakes fixed one day.  The guy who worked there gave Bryan a baseball cap and he didn't want to take it off.

Goooooaaaaaaalllllllllll!!!!   Ana Elisa loves soccer, and she is really good at it!  Definitely takes after her does Bryan (he's been kicking the ball since before he could walk :))

Rosca de Reyes, Ana Elisa found the baby!  It was fun having mom here to celebrate with us.  We had gone to UT for Christmas and she drove back with us and spent the month of January enjoying the awesome weather with our family.

Ana Elisa's field trip to Fry's grocery store.  They let them scan some things and act like they were cashiers.

At the Phoenix Zoo...our little spider

Phoenix Zoo...Bryan was more interested in playing with the sand than playing on the spider web

Bryan is a big fan of Dora the Explorer

Rock Climbing at a little fair in a grocery store parking lot.  Of course, Ana was a very good climber, and had no fear at all.

Bounce house at the same fair

Vovo sent the kids some chocolate eggs from Brazil for Easter.  We had some very happy kids!

My meeting with the Easter Bunny :)