Monday, June 22, 2009

Celebrating our Fathers

I meant to post this yesterday...

We want to send our love out to the wonderful Fathers in our family.

To Dad (Aka Buffalo Hump),
Who is always there for us,
Who has a heart of gold,
Who has taught us the meaning of hard work,
selflessness, love, service, and sacrifice.
Who loves to make us laugh.

To Pai (Emerson's Dad)
Who taught Emerson to play soccer with a
ball made out of old socks,
Who taught him to drive, and
Who would take Emerson to work with him
so that they could spend time together.
(sorry, we don't have any digital pictures of him)
To Wayne,
Who loves to share his passion
for fishing, sports, and movies with
his three beautiful girls.
Who has such a great sense of humor,
Who loves to tease and is just as
fun to tease back.

To Ryan,
Who loves to get down on the
floor and play with his boys,
Who teaches by example,
Who has worked so hard and sacrificed
so much to get an education to give
his family a good life.

And now I want to thank Emerson, the love of my life.
He is such a great father, I can't describe how happy it makes me to see how much he loves and cherishes our little girl. She is his world. It's such a blessing to see how his eyes light up when he looks at her. And just as wonderful is the way Ana Elisa's eyes light up when she looks at her daddy. He brings joy into both of our lives.

Happy Father's Day!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun Girls

Brittney came to visit for a week and we had a great time having her here. She went to Girl's Camp while she was here, so we only got to spend about 5 days total with her, but we loved every minute of it.

Ana Elisa was so excited to have her here. The day she arrived, Ana Elisa already had her name down. She would follow Brittney everywhere and would call out her name if she couldn't find her. The first night, she even went to sleep hugging Brittney's lotion bottle. She cried when Brittney left for Girl's Camp and was overjoyed when she came back. Our poor little girl has had to say goodbye too many times in her short little life. I'm sure she's starting to wonder why everyone she gets attached to and everyone who comes to stay and spoil her never stays very long.

Anyway, here is the only picture we took while Britt was here. We took it on our way to drop her off at the airport. I need to be better about taking pictures, we could have had so many fun ones.

Today I took Ana Elisa to the pool. We were there for a few hours so she was really tired when we got home. I gave her a bath and wrapped her in her hoodie towel. She insisted that I keep it on her and she HAD to have the hoodie on her head. She ate her lunch with it on, she looked so cute I had to take pictures. I love that when she saw me pull out the camera she gave me a huge grin.

After lunch she went and layed down on her little sofa and fell asleep with the hoodie on.

She's so much fun, I love spending time with her.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

I don't know where the time went! It looks like I've got some catching up to do here. I'll start where I left off...

Here are a few pictures we took while my mom and dad were visiting.

Mother's Day Dinner

We stopped at the mall to kill some time before mom and dad's flight and spent a lot of time showing Ana Elisa all the animals at the Rainforest Cafe. She loved it!

Ana Elisa loves to help me take the dishes out of the dishwasher. She used to hand me the silverware and let me put it away, but now she wants to do it herself. One day, I took a picture of her finished masterpiece.

For Memorial Day, we went with a group of friends to the Goldfield Ghost Town.

Ana Elisa couldn't get enough of the big bird cage. She spent a lot of time playing in it after she came out of the little riperian museum--which the other mom's and I happily let the dads take the kids into without us! (I'm not a fan of reptiles and bugs, but apparently Ana Elisa loved it)

May 27- Happy Birthday to me! I had a great birthday. I took Ana Elisa to the Harkin's Theater. It was her first time going to the movie theater. We watched Space Chimps, which she seemed to like. She sat through most of the movie before deciding it was time to make a run for it! I love her eyes in this picture, she's so funny.

After the movie we went to the splash pad so that she could play with her friends for a while. Here she is wearing one of her friend's cap.

For dinner, we celebrated my birthday by going to Joe's Farm Grill. It was great! The food was good, a great environment for Ana Elisa to roam...and my food was free! :) I had such a wonderful Birthday!